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Genres : Series | Drama | Adventure | Action | Adults

Release Date : Mar 28,2016

Total Episodes : 54

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At the point when previous CatCo representative, Siobahn Smythe resentful about how her life is going finds something odd about herself. She then goes to a relative who divulges her of their family's mystery - that they were reviled by a banshee. Which turns out when one of them is incensed. Furthermore, she needs to annihilate the object of their outrage, for this situation Cat, Kara and Supergirl. She tries to execute Kara however she is spared by a guest from another universe, The Flash who was endeavoring to cross into another universe and wound up in hers. She uncovers herself as Supergirl. they attempt to make sense of how to get him back to his universe. Siobahn who now calls herself Silver Banshee makes another endeavor yet is caught by Supergirl. Also, she's taken to the DEO. keeping in mind there she meets Live wire. What's more, later she escapes and liberates Livewire and together they collaborate to follow Supergirl.

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Episode Description :

Kara picks up another partner when the Flash touches base from a parallel universe and helps her battle the Silver Banshee and Livewire in return for helping him return home.



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The undertakings of Superman's cousin in her own superhero profession.


Series Storyline :

The undertakings of Superman's cousin in her own superhero profession.