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Genres : Series | Drama | Fantasy

Release Date : Jan 25,2016

Language : English

Total Episodes : 33

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Satan is having a break from Hell and scrutinizing his part. While "on vacation" in Los Angeles, condition tosses him together with an intense L.A.P.D. Investigator who appears to be abnormally impervious to his extraordinary appeal. In the interim others are not content with his deviation from the same old thing.

Episode Info

Episode Description :

Lucifer has left Hell to take up an existence on Earth. At the point when a companion of his is killed Lucifer unites with the great side of the law to find who the culprits are and to give them what they legitimately merit.


Series Info

Series Description :

Satan moves to Los Angeles.


Series Storyline :

Lucifer, exhausted from his sulking life in hellfire comes to live in Los Angeles just to bail humankind with its tragedies through his experience and clairvoyant capacities to bring individuals' most profound yearnings and musings out of them. While meeting with a young lady in his dance club (called Lux), a shootout including him and the young lady drives him to end up a LAPD specialist who tries to rebuff individuals for their violations through law and equity.