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Genres : Series | Drama

Release Date : Feb 16,2016

Language : English

Total Episodes : 77

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As yet looking the 100 section of land field, Ravi and Major discover a body of a man that is just a couple of months old. While tackling his homicide, Liv finds that he was a neurotic liar and tries to utilize his brain to find where the collections of the two individuals that had the polluted utopium are covered. Blane shakes an arrangement with Major to help with his Chaos killings, still with a ulterior intention.

Episode Info

Episode Description :

Liv explores the homicide of Big Fish, a neurotic liar. In the wake of biting down a mind burger, she see-saws between gushing truth and falsehoods the entire scene.


Series Info

Series Description :

A medicinal inhabitant finds that being a zombie has its advantages, which she uses to help the police.


Series Storyline :

Liv Moore, a restorative understudy, gets welcomed in a gathering which transforms into a shocking zombie field. Liv awakens from dead and turns into a zombie. For keeping up her humankind she should eat human brains so she started working in coroner's office to get to brains. Eating a cerebrum gives her recollections and attributes of that individual. So she helps analyst Clive Babineaux to comprehend the homicide as a psychic.