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Genres : Series | Drama | Fantasy

Release Date : Oct 12,2016

Total Episodes : 21

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Whenever Raimy and Frank talk over the ham-radio, she tells him that her mother will be killed unless Frank can make sense of an approach to caution her. Raimy additionally conveys pulverizing news with respect to Stan Moreno. In the mean time, in 2016, Raimy takes after a lead in the Nightingale case; and in 1996, Frank and Satch cooperate to take after similar lead.

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Episode Description :

Raimy cautions her father about the date of her mom's demise. Forthcoming battles with his life in the wake of leaving being covert. Raimy overthrows with her present life being changed because of the past being changed.


Series Info

Series Description :

A police criminologist in 2016 finds that she can speak with her dad by means of a ham radio, regardless of the way that he passed on in 1996.


Series Storyline :

A police criminologist in 2016 finds that she can talk by means of a ham radio with her offended father; Frank Sullivan, an analyst who kicked the bucket in 1996 and the two must cooperate to change the historical backdrop of lamentable occasions to come while additionally finding the opportunity to mend their muddled relationship.